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Free Meeting & Guarantees

  • meetingHere at Marsdens we believe in building a close two-way business working relationship with you. Just for contacting us, we will thank you and send you a FREE copy of our Brochure "Increase Your Profits And Reduce Your Tax" which is an invaluable FREE GUIDE into how we can help you.
  • For all Accountancy, Taxation and Business Consultancy enquiries, we will give you a FREE ONE HOUR introductory meeting giving you the chance to ask us any questions you wish and us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you. At the end of the meeting, if you choose not to proceed you owe us nothing.
  • We work to Fixed Fees. This means, once we have met you and agreed your requirements, we will provide you with a written quotation detailing exactly what is included in your Fixed Fee so there is clarity all around.
  • We guarantee to deal with the work in hand by a pre-set and agreed timescale and assuming that you provide us with all necessary information to carry out that work, if we breach the timecscale you only pay us what you choose to.
  • Once we proceed, we will provide you with your very own invaluable FREE "Taxbuster Healthcheck" and FREE "Profit Buster Healthcheck". These are practical guides for you to keep, showing you step by step how to Reduce your Tax and Increase your Profits.Did You Know