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Accountancy & Tax Planning

Marsdens Limited

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Accountancy & Tax Planning

As Chartered Accountants, we provide a bespoke service including:

  • Preparation of Accounts for Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies and other Set Ups.
  • Advice and recommendations on your Bookkeeping system and procedures.
  • Meeting to discuss the Accounts with you.
  • Tax planning which will include methods and techniques to minimise the amount of tax and national insurance that you and/or your Company will have to pay.
  • Updates on changes in tax rules and regulations where they may affect your business.
  • Advice on what expenses you can and cannot claim. These are not always obvious.
  • The best structure to adopt for your business. There are commercial and taxation advantages and disadvantages attached to each such structure. Let us explain these to you.
  • Submission of your Accounts and Tax Return to HM Revenue & Customs and to other Government authorities where relevant.
  • Step by step advice and recommendations in plain English. Did You Know

                          "Tax is taxing - but we are here to help!"