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1.How can I be sure that your techniques will increase my company's sales and profits?

We have been working closely with a broad range of clients for many, many years. We will impart knowledge and information to you that although is often well-guarded and not in the public domain, is easy and often free to implement and has proven positive results.

2. I currently have an accountant. Surely they know all the tax saving techniques?

Yes, quite possibly, but ask yourself this. When was the last time your accountant came forward and showed you how to save tax, explained the recent tax changes and gave you a comprehensive action plan to do something about it?

3. My accountant prepares my annual Accounts and Tax Return, why should I come to Marsdens?

Well ultimately that is for you to decide, but we look forward to being given the opportunity to provide you with our own blend of pro-active, reliable and dare we say exciting advice that should make a tangible positive impact on your business. Let us convince you in your FREE one hour consultation.

4. Is it difficult to change accountants?


5. When can I start learning these new techniques to build up my business and reduce my tax?

Once you have joined us at Marsdens, we will agree an action plan in a time frame to suit you. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

6. How much are your Fees?                       

We are not avoiding the question, but every business and it's needs are different, so whether you would like Accountancy and Taxation, Business Consultancy services or both, once we have met, we will provide you with a personal Fixed Fee quotation. We will confirm this to you in writing detailing exactly what is included in your fee.

7. But aren't all Accountants and Business Consultants pretty much the same?

Definitely not! They vary immensely in terms of the depth of their knowledge, their level of experience, their dedication, personality, attitude, approach, ability to communicate, sense of humour..….and lots more. Each of these will determine how your business benefits, imagine how a combination of all of them will make a difference.

8. Have we missed an important FAQ?

Probably! Please email us with yours right now. We look forward to being of assistance.Contact Us

"Remember, there is no such question as a silly question but not asking something you ought to know can be the downfall of a business"