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Did You Know?

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Did You Know?

1. Accountancy & Tax Planning

  • We pride ourselves in choosing the correct business structure for you to operate through both for commercial and tax minimisation reasons. Let us demonstrate how your tax and national insurance would change if you changed business structures?
  • There are many different VAT Schemes. Are you on the most beneficial one?
  • That if RTI, IR35, ER, VCT and SEIS, to name a few, do not mean a great deal to you, are you sure you are currently receiving the most suitable advice that is available to you?
  • If you run a Limited Company, the laws on Directors' Loans? Some work for you, some against you?
  • A transfer of assets without money passing hands can trigger a Capital Gains Tax liability - and the possible ways to avoid this?

For these and any other questions, please feel free to email us: Contact Us

2.Increasing Your Profits

  • There are strict Do's and Don’ts of Advertising and why over 95% of Adverts are Doomed To Fail?
  • The secrets of how to get people to REFER new business to you time and time again?
  • About The Pareto Principle, the "Angels and Devils" rule and why you should understand and implement them?
  • The secrets of getting Customers' and Potential Customers' attention and how to make them come back time and time again to buy from you?
  • The 12 Techniques of Building up Lifetime Value in your customers that you NEED to use?

We can teach you these and reams more. Please feel free to email us: Contact Us

3.Payroll & VAT

  • HM Revenue & Customs will take every opportunity to issue you with Penalties and Surcharges wherever they can?. We will show you how to avoid these.
  • The complex rules relating to Sick Pay, Maternity and Paternity Pay, Redundancy and so forth? Please come to us for advice.
  • About the various different VAT Schemes and which one is best for you? Do you qualify to be on it and are you on a Scheme you should not be?
  • If you are below the VAT threshold or a Small Business, why registering for VAT or changing Schemes could be financially beneficial every VAT quarter?
  • The rules for and against making your spouse or family member an Employee and what Salary you can legitimately pay them?

For these and other points relating to Payroll and VAT please email us: Contact Us

4.Pro Active Advice

  • We enjoy giving clients advice to help them and their business as we go along. Whether they are Tax Tips, Marketing Tips or just good old fashioned friendly advice, we don't wait to be asked.
  • That there is no additional charge for these Tips we supply you. We want your business to succeed.
  • We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Sometimes it is good to know there is somebody experienced at the end of the phone to bounce an idea off. We will be delighted to assist.
  • In the past, pro active advice we have offered has saved clients significant sums from tax liabilities, avoided Penalties, Interest and Surcharges from the tax authorities and Companies House and boosted clients' Sales to their delight.

For any questions about the advice we can offer your Business please email us:Contact Us

5.Free Meeting and Guarantees

  • Our initial FREE meeting not only includes a FREE one hour session, but we will disclose to you at that meeting THREE ways to Increase your Sales and THREE ways to Reduce Your Tax.
  • Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We take you and your business seriously. In the unlikely event that you are not happy, you only pay us what you think fit. No questions asked.
  • We will give you your FREE copy of our Brochure "Increase Your Profits And Reduce Your Tax" just for contacting us and further FREE Reports once we start working together.
  • That you, as our client or potential client come first. We will always act in a friendly, courteous, professional manner and explain things in simple English so you are always aware of what is happening and why.

For any further questions about our Freebies and Guarantees please email us:Contact Us

"A good Accountant or Business Consultant will always save you money, not cost you money"