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About us

Marsdens Limited

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About Us.... And Our Philosophy

As you may have gathered, we are quite different to other firms in our sector.

We work for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS always aiming to make you more profitabe and to reduce your tax.

Steven Marsh FCA is the founder of Marsdens Ltd and is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years experience in accountancy, taxation and commerce. He takes pride in guiding business owners in his own friendly, easy to understand and unique style.

Traditionally, clients would typically be interested in the preparation of their annual Accounts, Tax Returns and other statutory responsibilities. This is our core business but over the years we have taken a lead in helping business owners grow their businesses and legitimately pay less tax.

There are many advantages in doing this but the two most significant ones are :

To earn more as you go along and keep more of it by reducing your tax and as a result, increase the value of your business when you come to sell it with a view to retiring or starting up your next venture.

Business growth and profitability excites us - and we believe it will excite you too.

Tax reduction by careful and considered tax planning excites us too - you will benefit as a result.

If you would like to learn more about the caring approach we offer so that you can build up your Business and be confident that you are complying with all legal formalities upon the way, please contact us

"An accountant with sound cutting edge commercial experience as well as deep-seated Accounting and Taxation knowledge is indeed a rare commodity"